Monday, April 11, 2005

A good morning joke

It's not even worth commenting on the ethics of having such a device exist, because the company description of how it "works" is just so darn laughably implausible.
This patch is non-transdermal - no chemicals or substances are transferred while wearing this patch. They claim to use nanotechnology and nanoantennas that communicate with your body "like a cell phone" telling it to create "more energy, please." This is their description as to how the patches work:

"...the patches interact with the body’s magnetic field to produce specific bioelectrical frequencies that resonantly transfer energy to turn on certain chemical processes in the body such as accelerating the body’s ability to burn fat as a fuel source for energy."

"The organic materials in the patches have been specifically selected to match the resonant and sympathetic frequencies of biological components involved in mitochondrial energy production, while not interfering with the other primary objective of the technology, namely assisting in the flow of calcium ions into muscle cells to increase recruitment of muscle fibers during exertion."

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