Friday, March 25, 2005

Call for papers

I'm not entirely sure how I missed this when it first came out, but this seems like an interesting call for papers

News from the Bottom

The Online Student Journal of Nanotechnology

Now accepting papers from graduate and undergraduate students on epistemological, societal, ethical & legal implications of nanotechnology, and its convergence with other technologies.
Articles, reviews, and papers of any length will be considered.

Possible areas for papers include (but are not limited to): Reviews of nanotech in popular media; Historical Aspects (Feynman’s speech, Drexler’s influence, origins of the term ‘nanotechnology’, etc.); Overviews of areas of concern (like nanoparticle toxicity); Implications of the technologies (like self-replication); business community’s role in nanotechnology; how nanotech changes traditional hierarchy of the sciences

Email submissions as attachments to the editors (; include author’s name and area of study, title of paper, & brief abstract. We ask that all the submissions please include a bibliography for all references at the end of the paper and be formatted as Word documents. Questions may be directed to:

It looks like there isn't a due date, but I could just be missing something.

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