Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Nano-Hype by David Berube

There is an interesting new book by communications professor (and associate director of Nanoscience and Technology Studies at the USC Nanocenter) David Berube evaluating the hype of nanotech.
In an effort to set the record straight, professor of communication studies David M. Berube has written this thoroughly researched, accessible overview of nanotechnology in contemporary culture. He evaluates the claims and counterclaims about nanotechnology by a broad range of interested parties including government officials and bureaucrats, industry leaders and entrepreneurs, scientists, journalists, and other persons in the media. Berube appraises programs and grand initiatives here and abroad, and he examines the environmental concerns raised by opponents, as well as the government and private responses to these concerns. With so much argumentation on both sides, it is difficult for anyone to determine what is true. Nano-Hype provides up-to-date, objective information to inform the public.

Berube also has a blog associated with the book and that just makes it all the better, so go visit.

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